Advanced Vector Browser in SYSTEM CASCON

CASCON users who don't have Pin Fault Diagnostic licenses or who want to see the actual test vectors applied with a particular test program may find the Advanced Vector Browser a valuable and useful too.

SYSTEM CASCON's Advanced Vector Browser

The Advanced Vector Browser always displays the driven value and the associated capture value in the same column:

{BScan Pin A }—————————————————{BScan Pin B} 

I.e. if I drive Pin A high (as I’m going through the UpdateDR state), then the resulting high on Pin B will be captured in the next CaptureDR state. Depending on the “mode” in CASCON (“Fast Mode” = enter PauseDR state between vectors, as opposed to “Normal Mode” = enter RunTest/Idle state between vectors) the shifting happens between capture of the result for the previous vector and update of the new vector (Normal Mode), or after Update and Capture for the same vector (Fast Mode).

However, for the display in the Advanced Vector Browser this does not matter. In that vector view the drive and measure values associated with the same test vector are lined up in the same column.

The following is a screenshot of an example using a Cluster Table Test:

Vector alignment in Advanced Vector Browser

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