CASCON Workbench Slide-Out Panel moves the wrong direction

The slide-out panels in the CASCON Workbench sometimes slide out to the wrong side. This behavior seems arbitrary and once you click elsewhere in the window and then hover over the panel tab again, it usually slides out correctly to the inside of the workbench window. 

This behavior stems from  Qt (the software we use for the GUI developments), but the actual root cause has not been found yet. The best workaround (and a method some prefer over the slide-out anyway) would be to rearrange the tools using the “Customize Workbench” dialog, to hold the tools in “always there” panels as opposed to slide-out panels:

For details on how to access and use the "Customize Workbench" window, see SYSTEM CASCON User Interface Manual section "5.13 Layout of the Workbench Windows".

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