GOEPEL TAP connector pinout

All but a few of GOEPEL's JTAG / boundary-scan controllers / TAP transceivers use the same pinout for TAP connectors:

Signal Pin Notes
TCK 1 output
TMS 3 output
TDI 5 input; connect this signal to the UUT's TDO
TDO 7 output; connect this signal to the UUT's TDI
/TRST 9 output
GND 2, 4, 6, 8 connect at least one GND to UUT Ground
PwrRly 10 +5V signal; can be used to switch power relays or other control circuitry; otherwise unused

GOEPEL uses standard 100 mil 2 row by 5 pin connectors (male headers) for TAP interfaces.

Note that the pinout for TAP connectors, PIP connectors, and AUX connectors is printed on the bottom side of the SFX-TAP Transceiver and the ScanBooster hardware as well as referenced in the respective hardware manuals.

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