Transfering a Test Archive

One quick and easy (and less error prone than simply copying files) way to transfer a test program from one CASCON project to another is to create a test archive.

Let's say you developed a test XYZ in CASCON project A and you would like to use the same test in CASCON project B. The recommended method to do so in CASCON is the following:

  1. Create a test archive in project A
  2. Copy the test archive (XYZ.TAR file) from project directory A to project directory B
  3. Unpack the test archive in project B

Step 1: Creating a Test Archive

In project A, select the application XYZ for which you want to create the test archive (also referred to as executable archive). You can select the test in the list views (while either application tree branch "Executables" or the category branch is selected), or you can select the test directly in the Application Inspector tree structure. When selecting the test in the list view, click the "Create Archive ..." button; when selecting the test directly in the tree, right-mouse click and select "Create Executable Archive...".

Then select "Development Station" in the dialog box popping up.

In the next window, move all files from the left pane into the right pane and click OK to create the archive.

The test archive will be located in the project root folder and will be named <testname.tar> (e.g. XYZ.TAR).

Watch a short video:

Step 2: Copying the Test Archive

After the test archive has been created, copy it to the destination project B root folder:

Step 3 Unpacking the Test Archive

To unpack a test archive in another project, switch to that project in your CASCON software (make sure you copied the test archive (TAR file) to that project first).

Then, select the Executable branch in the Application Inspector tree and click the "Unpack Archive..." button. Select the respective TAR file in the file selection box and click OK. The test archive will be unpacked and CASCON will take you to that new test.

You may have to make some edits in the CASLAN file of a manually written test (e.g. for device designators) or in settings files (e.g. Extended Generator Settings [EGS] file or Cluster Table [CLU] file) to make adjustments for this test to apply the new project. After such changes, you would need to recompile the test, or regenerate and recompile, respectively.

Please review the CASCON documentation or contact the GOEPEL application team for further questions on this topic.

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