Updating your CASCON hardkey (node-locked license)

In order to update your CASCON node-locked license hardkey (dongle) you'll first need a new license file from GOEPEL. Typically, such license updates will be sent as LCP files (possibly packed in a ZIP or a RAR archive). Once stored on the PC where the CASCON software is installed and with the dongle being connected to that PC, simply double-click the LCP file to install the license.

Sometimes (especially when a repair file for a damaged hardkey has been requested) the update file will be sent as VTC file. In that case, make sure the CASCON software is not running but the hardkey is plugged in to a USB port on the PC, and then start the HL-Upgrade tool  ("Update for Hardkeys" in the CASCON Program group under the Windows START menu):

Once the HL-Upgrade tool is open and has recognized the hardlock (displaying the license ID, or serial number) follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Write License Update (VTC)" tab;
  2. Browse to the VTC file you have received from GOEPEL;
  3. Click the "Write License Update" button.

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